“Stirati” Production line

Automatic industrial line for the production of “Stirati” breadsticks


This automatic equipment for the production of stretched dough “Stirati” breadsticks has been the first industrial equipment created by our firm. It has been meticulously designed in every detail: from the length of the structure that enables a perfect leavening, to the knife movement that eliminates any artificial trace from the product, ending up with the final stage, which is the most delicate because it determines the quality of the product: the lengthening of the dough.

This is obtained thanks to a series of devices that clamp the edges of the breadstick and strengthen it to reach the required length. This equipment is capable to produce high quality breadsticks, as home-made products.


  • Hi-tech control panel
  • Reduction of manual intervention
  • More hygienic
  • Extremely gentle on the dough
  • Fast, precise, efficient
  • Made in Italy

What can you make?

“Stirati” breadsticks

Some pictures and videos of the equipment

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