Customized solutions

By conducting an effective analysis of data, considering your vision of the product and its production capability we will design and create your tailor-made equipment.

Each production has its own characteristics and requirements, so the starting point of our analysis is the issue proposed by the customer and the final result to achieve. Every aspect of the equipment design is carefully planned, during meetings and with the support of reports.

Our duty is to find the best solution for the customer: a product which combines together production efficiency and efficacy. The machinery system is planned in every detail and the layout showed to the customer corresponds with the final product, so it is possible to arrange potential changes together. Our aim is to optimize the production processes, by increasing the efficiency of the company and making the work of the operators safe and less stressful.

Finding the most suitable solution allows to automate manual processes, that lead to hard workloads which slacken the production and reduce the efficiency of the company and the quality of the final product, as well.

An effective analysis of the needs of the company and the creation of customized solutions lead to higher production standards, capable of amortizing the initial investment.

Over the years, Rolando has developed a significant experience in all the sectors concerning the field of mechanical engineering for the food production: a unique know-how which successfully deals with all the matters regarding the production, but that is also capable of finding innovative solutions, by using the best of the applied technologies in every sector of production.


Moreover, we take into consideration the latest hygiene and safety regulations. Rolando puts its effort into the field of ecology, using energy saving methods as the reshaping of the amount of the electricity and, when it is possible, the use of recyclable materials.

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