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Rolando is a family firm which design and build bakery and pastry machineries since 1989.

Our extensive experience in this field, together with the partnership of our trusted providers, allows us to create products that completely fulfill the needs of the customer, by ensuring a high quality standard, that is a typical feature of “Made in Italy” products.

Our range of products includes machineries and equipments for the production of breadsticks, bread and “torcetti” (typical Piedmontese drop-shaped butter biscuits), from machineries suitable for artisans to complete equipments for medium and large-scale industries.

Furthermore, we offer  to our customers a service of customized machineries, in order to satisfy any special needs and to optimize the production processes.

We are aware of the importance of teamwork between our company and customers, so we always stay in touch with our clients, looking for the best solutions.

Strong communicative skills and a great passion for our work are the essential features of our firm.


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