Industrial line for the production of “Torcetti” (Typical Piedmontese drop-shaped butter biscuits)


This is a high level of automation line for the production of “Torcetti”, in four lines, closed.

T4C is an equipment for the confectionery industry, developed in a modular and flexible way, that provides a fast and constant production over time.

Its solid frame, made of stainless steel, is composed by calibration modules with anti-flood devicesadjustable cut stages for pressure and speed and special devices for the lengthening of breadsticks, in order to find the ideal base for the following production steps.

The adjustable sugar flood and its absorption lead to the fundamental stage of the production process: the sophisticated closing system of the final product. It is rapid but extremely precise and it completes the creation of the “torcetto”, the famous drop-shaped biscuit. After that, the final product is automatically put on a series of baking trays, that are at 90° degrees from the production line.

Technical data:

  • Total length: 10,5 m
  • Control system: PLC Siemens
  • Power: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases + Neutral + Grounding system


  • High production capability
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely precise closing system
  • Double calibration
  • Double sugar addition system

Optional features:

  • Third calibration
  • Water jet module
  • Download on a Tunnel oven
  • Customers special requests



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